Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Declutter Plan: Addressing Your Frustrations by Room

Not just any plan, we're talking about a piece of paper that you take into each room and ask yourself

"What makes me really upset or frustrated about this room?" 

Need an example? When I walk into the living room the piles of stuff on the end tables frustrate me. The piles and piles of toys frustrated me. The lack of decor/color frustrated me. The large window that we couldn't open because the neighbors could see in frustrated me.

I reduced everything on the end table (very nondescript I know, sorry). The piles and piles of toys (it was enough to fill the spare bedroom) was reduced to one laundry hamper for each girl. The rest was donated (Two truck loads to children just before Christmas) and toys are kept in the girls' bedroom closets now. If it doesn't fit in their hamper they have to donate toys. That's the new rule.

Anything left out in the living room (toys) goes into the Uh-Oh box and that means doing a chore to get it back (we don't have any toys on the floor anymore. We fixed the lack of color in the living room with two vases of beautiful flowers that doubled as our girl' chore charts which they love. And that large window that we could never open because of neighbors? I spent a day created a stained-glass-look out of parchment cooking paper and now our windows are open every day so we can get that much needed natural light in without the nosy neighbors.

These solutions started with a list of what frustrated me. Once I recognized what frustrated me, and I looked at it all in smaller pieces, I was able to tackle it. I didn't tackle it all at once. It took me three weeks to tackle my whole apartment, but I did it piece by piece. And I'm still not done! (thank goodness - still stuff to post!).

What you need to do step by step:

Step One: 
Get something to write on (paper) and with (pen or pencil) and go to the room that is the WORST in your house. The room that takes you the longest to clean, has the most clutter, is just your nightmare.

Step Two:
Write what frustrates you about the room. 
  1. Where is the clutter really piling up? 
  2. What is the bulk of that clutter? 
  3. Where is that clutter mostly coming from? 
  4. Can you live without it?
  5. Does it have more than one purpose or use?
  6. Do you want to keep it? 
  7. Can you throw it away or donate it or give it away? 
That is the starting point. Have questions? Post them below! I'll tweak this plan to help with additional questions or concerns. This is what works for me - I ask these questions constantly.

What Room are you Trying your Best to Declutter?
We can try a room by room declutter plan! Follow along! (In progress please be patient)
  • Living room
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Entryway
  • Closet
  • Bedroom
  • Craft room
  • Office
  • Kids' Rooms
  • Kids' Bathrooms
  • Garden

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