This page is constantly Under Construction - I'm adding FAQ's constantly and hope that this answers a few of yours!!!

Who are you?
I'm a masked villain seeking to solve one kitchen mess after another without credit - but seriously I've run into some creepy people online so please don't take it personally that I stay relatively 'private and unknown'. You just never know who is online and stalking you - I wish everyone else the same kind of privacy.

When Do You Update the Blog?
I update Minimalist Martha on Wednesdays - this means I'm not spending my weekend blogging, I'm spending it with my family. Of course, I do lots of stuff on the weekends with the family so that may just be what I post about but in general - I will try to save my blogging for the middle of the week! (Subject to change of course)

How Can I Speed Read this Blog?
I'm lazy. And efficient. Starting with about the eleventh post on this blog, I'll be *Bolding* portions of each blog post. Here is how it works: Just read the BOLD words in the post and you'll get the entire summary of the post. Looking at the pictures is recommended. Why? Because I write a lot and not everyone has time for that (reading my wordiness). So just read the bold words in the post and it should read like a summary of all the important stuff you want to know.

Will You Please Come Clean My House?
No. Not even if you pay me. I have a new baby on the way and I am very busy. I also work from home and this blog is really a past time as most blogs are. I created this blog at the request of some close friends. If you comment with your problems I would be happy to comment with possible solutions. In the future I'll attempt to make it so people can send in photos and perhaps I'll comment on their personal spaces with suggestions if there is any real demand but I don't anticipate there will be.

Are You Going To Write A Book?
It depends on the blog - if I write enough to warrant a book I might put a book together that reads a bit easier than a blog but I currently don't plan to write one. There is so much literature available and I don't know if I want to chuck another mediocre book out into the oblivion. But if you ask - I shall consider!

How can I contact You?
You can't. Unless you comment on a page or a post. I'll respond to comments but I don't give out my email or any tweetmyface (twitter myspace facebook) info.

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