Monday, July 8, 2013

Preplanned Crafts - Paper Folding Fans!

This is a great preplanned craft because you don't need much.

Where did I get the inspiration? I've been trying to teach my girl's lots of artsy-things. My inspiration is from Pride & Prejudice - those girls are always doing something with ribbon and needle and thread!

We already have daily (most of the time) tea with cute little cookies and sugar cubes. But we need crafts - boy do we ever! And I don't want lots of specialty items - and since it is summer, I need something pretty easy!

The girls have actually been asking for fans since it's warm outside at least once every two weeks. But I have been waiting to get them hand fans because I sort of wanted to get BLANK paper ones and have them color them! And now I don't have to buy the fans themselves - we can make them, start to finish!

We are doing this as a planned craft this week - I hope this has given you some inspiration!

You can't go wrong with construction paper (We're going to use thin paper and add some ribbon to the top!), ribbon and Popsicle sticks! A little bit of glue gun and we're on our way!

Did this give you an idea? Make sure you gather up the supplies for this craft and stick it in your planned craft if you don't plan on doing it later. Just a few items stuffed in a box or bag and with instructions printed out (Found HERE) and you will have a last minute craft that can be LOTS of fun!

Don't forget ... add some small details or lots of details! Im going to watercolor a scene and then fold mine up! Get creative!

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