What is Minimalism all about?
We have a saying in our home. We get rid of stuff to make room for people.
And we have a second saying - We love people, not stuff.

In a world that is very centered on consumption we are taking part in a movement that has gained a great deal of momentum - minimalism. And it has a number of benefits which I will help to explore in this blog.

What is the whole "Martha" thing all about?
One of my favorite stories because it always makes my mother laugh is that of my new mother in law. In a time when we were just beginning to get on each other's nerves, she came up with a clever nickname for me "Betty" because I liked to cook, sew and liked to try and organize things.

Just as my mother-in-law's  nickname for me was based on an iconic piece of history (and still very current really), her reference to me as "Betty" (for Betty Crocker) was quickly followed with my own nickname in return, "Susan". My mother had a fantastic laugh when she asked "Why Susan?" and I responded "For every Betty Crocker in the world there are half a dozen Lazy Susans". While the fiance didn't think it was the nicest thing to say, I did notice that the nickname "Betty" quickly disappeared.

You might be asking - but how does that get us to "Martha"? Very simply put, Betty Crocker only cooks - I do a great deal more! Much like Martha Stewart who I call "My favorite Felon" ~ and I do really enjoy her.

However, I don't have unlimited funds for every gadget that comes out or unlimited storage and organizations space. This blog is dedicated to minimalism and functionality in a home with children.

Speaking of children - my fiance and I have two girls, a 5 year old and a 6 year old!

I hope to add whatever tips I can on saving time, saving energy and just sneaking in a few moments for mommy! After all - we are in a world where it is hard to be a mommy.

With the explosion of Pinterest, suddenly women are expecting of themselves to cook, clean and craft with the best of them. I say - What about time for Mom?! And that is what this blog is all about.

It's about working smarter instead of harder. About adapting, overcoming and finding a fantastic balance of a  considerably clean and functioning home that survives the daily chaos.

I can't say that I'm perfect - I'm far from it.

And I can't say that I will solve all your problems - I'm throwing this stuff out there as I go.

But I will post what works and what doesn't work for me and I hope that you gain even an extra 10 minutes a day to yourself. Even ten minutes a day can really bring a smile!

Be sure to ask questions and I'll try to answer them!!!

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